New Rehab Suites

Our facility offers Rehab Suites as well as in house Peritoneal Dialysis. Private rooms with private bathrooms offer the accommodations for the Dialysis equipment and supplies.
IMG 0554 225x300 - New Rehab Suites IMG 0555 225x300 - New Rehab Suites IMG 0556 225x300 - New Rehab Suites IMG 0558 225x300 - New Rehab Suites IMG 0559 225x300 - New Rehab Suites
Rehab Suites offer a spacious, comfortable space for recovery with the privacy of an individual heated bathroom and shower.  Residents who have stayed in our suites have expressed how pleased they were with the amount of space in their accommodations. The suites allow enough room for family and friends to visit comfortably as well as plenty of room for medical equipment.  They like the privacy of their own shower, the friendly helpful staff, pleasant atmosphere, quietness of the hallway, good food, comfortable bed and nice size television.

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