Use Your Voice: Advocate for Long-Term Care

AdvocacyAlert 1024x341 - Use Your Voice: Advocate for Long-Term Care

We need YOU to raise your voice and make a difference for long-term care in Pennsylvania.

Our elected state leaders are now back in Harrisburg in an effort to finalize the 2024 state budget. In no uncertain terms, the actions of state lawmakers in the coming week(s) will impact the survival of many nursing homes across the Commonwealth. This year, we’re asking members of the state House and Senate to strengthen the long-term care continuum by advancing legislative solutions to help address the workforce crisis, adequately investing in the Medicaid reimbursement program for nursing homes and the adoption of a new, innovative quality incentive program to offer nursing homes additional supplemental payment.

With new staffing mandates and rising operational costs, long-term care –– and specifically nursing homes –– must be prioritized in this state budget. We’ve made it very simple for you to advocate on behalf of our seniors in Pennsylvania. With just two clicks, you can send emails directly to your state Representative and Senator.

Join Transitions Healthcare and the Pennsylvania Health Care Association in advocating for better long-term care by contacting your legislators today. Let’s ensure our elderly and vulnerable communities receive the care and support they deserve. Together, we can make a difference.

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