7/19/21 COVID Update:  Today we confirmed 2 positive non direct care working employees by rapid testing. All staff and residents will be COVID tested and repeated until we are clear for 14 days.  At this time visitation and communal activities are on hold. 

Please see the link for our updated reopening plan:

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1/4/2021 – Transitions Healthcare, in conjunction with Walgreen’s Pharmacy and Remedi Pharmacy, started it’s employee and resident vaccination campaign today at Transitions Healthcare North Huntingdon. Transitions Healthcare and facility leadership were amongst the first to get vaccinated to show their support. Thank you to the Walgreens staff for putting on such a well-run and efficient clinic!
All of our Skilled Nursing Facilities have scheduled their clinic dates, and we will be busy in the month of January inoculating our residents and staff to beat back Covid-19 in 2021!
2021010495104623001 300x225 - Transitions Healthcare Offers COVID-19 Vaccinations to Residents and Staff20210108 165910 225x300 - Transitions Healthcare Offers COVID-19 Vaccinations to Residents and Staff

As of September 9th our investigation of a potential exposure has been completed and in conjunction with the PA Health Department we are happy to report that NO exposure was identified.

The facility will take the remainder of this week to complete employee testing and we anticipate re-opening the facility on Monday September 14th for scheduled on site, neutral zone visitation.  Please call activities to book your reservation.

We appreciate you kindness and patience as we take potential exposures seriously and will continue to work for you and your loved one to keep us COVID free.

As of September 4th we have had a potential COVID-19 exposure.  We take the care and safety of our residents and staff very seriously.  Out of an abundance of caution while we investigate this, all visitation has been temporarily suspended. The facility is taking all necessary precautions while we conduct the investigation and have connected with all of our state and local resources to ensure that we follow the most up to date recommendations.

It is important to share that no residents or staff are displaying any symptoms – the facility is overall asymptomatic. Once the investigation is completed we will provide an update.  We appreciate your understanding of the precautions we are taking to maintain everyone’s health and safety.

You can use the facility call in number for updates 414-368-6579.  Please note this is a recorded line and is unable to record messages.  If you would like to speak to someone directly you can call the facility at 724-228-4740.


Please find below the plan for our reopening process.

Symptomatic Covid-19 Testing

     Any resident found to have symptoms consistent with the symptoms of COVID-19 shall be tested at the onset of symptoms. There is a standing PRN order in all residents’ charts that permits testing as needed for symptoms. All testing can be completed through either Washington Hospital or Quest Diagnostics.

Outbreak Testing for Staff and Residents

     In the event of a Covid-19 outbreak in the facility, we have secured the resources for resident and staff testing through Quest Diagnostics as well as additional testing through Washington Hospital Lab.

Covid-19 testing of non-essential staff

    At this time all Therapy staff from Genesis have been baseline tested. Prior to volunteer services beginning, baseline testing will be made available, and negative results must be obtained in order to participate in volunteer activities.

Refusal of Covid-19 testing by staff

     All staff will be STRONGLY encouraged to participate in mandatory testing and will be educated on the importance of testing for the wellbeing of our residents and our reopening planAny employee of Transitions Healthcare LLC. Washington has the right to refuse Covid-19 testing. After an employee refusal has been signed, the employee will be required to wear an N-95 mask at all times when in the building. If at some point there is not an ample surplus of N-95 masks in the building, the employee may be placed on administrative leave without pay until either masks become available or testing is completed.

Refusal of Covid-19 testing by residents

     All residents will be STRONGLY encouraged to participate in mandatory testing and will be educated on the importance of testing for the wellbeing of our residents and our reopening planAny resident at Transitions Healthcare LLC. Washington has the right to refuse Covid-19 testing. Any patient refusing testing will be placed in the yellow zone isolation for 14 days. If at any time they become symptomatic and still refuse Covid -19 testing, they will be presumed positive and placed in red zone isolation for a duration of 10 days from the onset of symptoms. The resident must remain symptom free for 72 hours before isolation can be discontinued.

Isolation and cohorting of residents with confirmed Covid-19

     Upon discovery of an active case of COVID 19 case, the patient will be moved to a RED zone isolation and will remain under isolation until the patient is symptom free for 3 days and has 2 negative COVID-19 not collected less than 24 hours apart. Patients that are found to be Covid-19 positive may be cohorted with other positive patients in the Red Zone. Cohorted patients should not be more than 72 hours apart from the onset of symptoms or diagnosis. In addition, when at all possible, a non-symptomatic positive patient will not be cohorted with a symptomatic patient

Screening of Staff

     All employees are being screened prior to getting to patient care areas. The temperature logs will be maintained by the ICP. Any employee who hits the temperature threshold will be released from duty until they are asymptomatic for 72 hours. A new survey should be completed if there have been any changes outlined in the survey.

Daily screening of residents

     All residents are to be screened once daily for temperature and pulse oximetry. If values are found to be out of the normal range, an immediate nursing assessment will be completed to determine if Covid-19 testing is indicated.

Visitor screening

     All visitors will be screened at the front lobby window. Visitors will be instructed to use the provided alcohol based hand sanitizer, will have their temperature screened and will be asked the survey questions found on the AHCA / NCAL Covid-19 Screening Checklist. This checklist will assist in assessing the visitors’ potential risk prior to being given permission to enter the facility.

PPE supply management

     Facility will monitor use of and procurement of PPE supplies. A list of PPE is available from the ICP. Facility will make every attempt to ensure adequate supplies are available and will continue to monitor availability and proper use. Completed inventory of essential PPE is reviewed weekly. Burn rates are used to calculate estimated usage to project future needs and avoid PPE shortages.

Staffing review daily

     Staffing meetings are held daily between the scheduler and DON to ensure that staffing is adequate to meet the needs of the patients. At the present time this facility is not operating under its emergency staffing contingency plan.

Resumption of limited communal dining

     Limited resumption of communal dining will resume as long as the building remains COVID-19 free. 10 residents will attend lunch daily and 10 residents will attend dinner daily. There will be one patient at each table, and tables will be spaced at least six feet apart. The patients will be rotated daily through the dining schedule to assure that all residents have equal opportunity to participate in communal dining. Communal dining will be supervised by appropriate staffing. In the case of a COVID-19 outbreak in the facility, communal dining will be suspended until which time the outbreak is resolved.

Resumption of Volunteer Services

Resumption of Volunteer Services will resume in step 2 of the reopening phase.  In step 2, volunteers will be used exclusively for the purpose of assisting with visitation protocols.  Volunteer duties with visitation will only be with residents that are unexposed to COVID-19 and not under any isolation precautions.  All volunteers will be baseline tested for COVID-19, perform frequent hand hygiene and universal masking will be required. 

Resident Activities

     Under step one of the reopening process, communal activities can resume in groups of 5 or less.  Group activities must be held in the dining room or Courtyard Cafe and each resident must maintain social distancing, frequent hand hygiene and universal masking is required.  Residents should be provided with ABHR at the completion of the activities.   Under step 2, the group can contain 10 or less participants with the same requirements.   Step 3 will not limit the number of participants, but all social distancing guidelines and universal masking are required.  All residents in all steps of reopening must not be patients that have potential COVID-19 exposure or in any isolation status.

Visitation Guidelines in Step 2 of Reopening

Halting reopening

     If at any point there is a positive COVID-19 outbreak within the facility, the reopening status will halt, communal dining will be discontinued, volunteers and all non-essential personnel will no longer be permitted within the building. The reopening process will resume at the beginning of the recommended incremental steps by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.


Some of our dedicated healthcare workers thanking their colleagues for their selfless hard work during this challenging time.006 2 300x225 - Thank You to Our Healthcare Workers

As per today, 3/13/2020, the medical director has placed visitor restriction related to the COVID-19 virus (Corona). This is an intervention to prevent and protect all residents. This is per CDC guidelines for Infection Prevention and control for residents in all nursing homes. You will be informed when the restriction has been lifted. The facility will notify you if any resident is assessed to have major change in status. The visitor will be assessed and restricted to the resident’s room for the visitation. Effective 3/12/2020, no cases of COVID-19 have been assessed in this facility. For any questions, comments or concerns, you can contact the Nursing Home Administrator or Director of Nursing.

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