COVID-19 Update April 19

4/19 COVID Update:  Over the last week, test results returned with no new COVID cases.  We continue with testing twice a week because Adams County Positivity rate was over 10%.  We will continue to do this until the rate again falls below 10% and stays below 10% for at least 2 weeks.  This week’s positivity rate did decrease a small percentage to 10.5%, we are hopeful that it will continue this downward trend.  We are working on setting up vaccination appointments outside of the facility for those residents that are interested in becoming vaccinated.  Please contact Patty Weaver, our Infection Control Specialist if you are interested in becoming vaccinated.  One of the benefits of becoming vaccinated is if a resident is admitted or readmitted following a hospitalization they do not need to quarantine if they are free from COVID symptoms.  Visitation continues, please call our Activities Department to make an appointment for your visit (717) 334-6249.

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