COVID-19 Update March 15

3/15 COVID Update:  Over the last week, test results returned with no new COVID cases for residents and staff.   We are now testing staff weekly due to Adams County positivity rate between 5-10%.  Next Monday, 3/22, we will begin phase 2 of our re-opening plan and we will have SCHEDULED VISITATION!!  We are so excited to see everyone again and we know your loved ones are excited.  Please see the Visitation guidelines below and plan to call our Activities Department to make an appointment for your visit (717) 334-6249.  Our next on-site vaccination clinic for staff and residents will be this Wednesday, March 17.
Visitation Guidelines

Visits will be scheduled outdoors, weather permitting and resident able to be outside safely.

· Indoor visits will be permitted unless the county positivity rate is greater than 10% and less than 70% of residents are fully vaccinated.

· If a resident has tested positive for COVID-19 or is on transmission-based precautions in person visits will not be allowed until resident is off precautions.

· Visits must be scheduled 48 hours in advance

· Visits will be 30 minutes in length to give all residents the opportunity to visit with family and friends.

· All visitors will be screened prior to visit for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., Temperature checks, questions and observations of signs and symptoms of COVID-19). If visitor is displaying any signs or symptoms or has been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 infection in the prior 14 days, regardless of vaccination status, Visit will be denied.

· Visitors and resident must wear a face mask covering nose and mouth during visit

· Visitor and resident will perform hand hygiene prior to and after visit.

· Social distancing of 6 feet should be maintained during visit but if resident has been fully vaccinated, they may choose to have close contact, including touch with their visitor while wearing a well-fitted face mask and performing hand hygiene before and after.

· If a new COVID case among resident or staff is identified, we will begin outbreak testing and all visitation will be suspended immediately until at least one round of facility-wide testing is completed.

· If the first round of outbreak testing reveals no additional cases in other areas (units) visitation can resume for residents in areas/units with no COVID cases.

· The area (unit) with the COVID cases can resume visitation when the criteria is met to discontinue outbreak testing.

· If the first round of outbreak testing reveals one or more additional cases in other areas (units) all visitation will be suspended until facility meets the criteria to discontinue outbreak testing.

· Compassionate visits will be permitted at all times regardless of residents vaccination status, the county’s COVID-19 positivity rate or an outbreak.

· Visitors who do not follow infection prevention guidelines will be asked to leave and may be denied future visits.

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