COVID-19 Update May 17

5/17 COVID Update:  The results from the first round of outbreak testing did not reveal any additional cases of COVID-19.  Today, we completed our second round of outbreak testing.  We hope to have all of the results back by Thursday.  If all results return negative with our second round of testing, we will resume visitation by appointment for all units except our “New Admission Quarantine Unit”.  All new admissions who have not been fully vaccinated, are roomed on our East Wing until their quarantine period has passed and we can monitor for any possible COVID symptoms before these residents are exposed to other areas of the building. The East Wing has precautions in place as well as an air purifying machine.   Group activities including dining room remain on hold at this time, but we will be able to resume these activities on Friday if we receive all negative results back from today’s testing .  Visitation by appointment continues at this time for residents residing on Annex 1 and Annex 2, please contact the activities department to set up your appointment.  This week’s county positivity rate continues on the downward trend at 6.1%.  We appreciate your patience while we follow these processes put into place by the CDC and Department of Health as well as what you are doing in the community to keep the spread down.  It truly takes everyone’s help to assure our residents and staffs safety as well as to continue the activities such as visitation that everyone needs.  Please contact Patty Weaver, our Infection Control Specialist or Vickie Kilmer, Nursing Home Administrator if you have additional questions at (717) 334-6249.

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