COVID-19 Update November 30

11/30/2020 COVID Update – We continue with 3 residents since 11/20 who remain in quarantine on our dedicated Red Zone – COVID unit who have remained without COVID symptoms.  Over the holiday weekend we have received COVID positive results for 4 of our staff members.  All COVID positive staff members are in quarantine at their homes.  Today,  we had 1 additional resident test positive.  We also continue to track community spread and the positivity rate in the community as a tool to help guide our actions to control the spread and keep our residents safe.  I have received calls with the question from family members that if their loved one was positive for COVID, would they be notified.  The answer is, yes – if we receive a positive test result, we call the medical contact for that resident and notify them of the positive result.  Please continue to call me with additional questions that you may have or additional information that I can provide in these updates to help keep you informed better.  Vickie Kilmer 717-334-6249.

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