New Visitation Guidelines Go Into Effect 7/12/21

Visitation Guidelines to go into effect 7/12/21

This is a set of guidelines for visitation, the facility will continue to re-evaluate the processes put into place in case adjustments need to be made.  Should there be an outbreak in the facility or County Positivity Rate rises, the rules of visitation will need to be adjusted according to CMS/DOH Regulations.  Please be kind to the staff, they are only following the rules that we are regulated to follow.  If you do have a question or a situation that might not fit into the rules below, please ask to speak to the NHA, DON, or Infection Control Nurse.  Your feedback helps us to develop better policies and it is important to us to be compassionate about you and your loved ones needs if there is anyway that we can make it happen while staying compliant.

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