Press Release October 22

Transitions Healthcare North Huntingdon has been following CDC guidelines and CMS recommendations since March 13, 2020, in relation to pandemic matters. By diligently following the guidelines, the facility was able to reach Phase 2 visitation rights on August 6, 2020, to allow the residents in person visits.

CMS publishes county-level testing positivity data. The facility monitors the data and adjusts and adheres to the guidelines related to county-level testing positivity data as well as other guidelines established by CMS, the Department of Health and other agencies. The facility is in Westmoreland County. As of October 5, 2020, Westmoreland County was classified as “green” and the facility followed the required monthly testing requirement. On October 13, 2020, the county level positivity data for Westmoreland County change to “yellow” and the facility followed the weekly testing requirement and continues to do so. Based on the weekly county-level testing positivity data as of October 20, 2020, Westmoreland County’s positivity rate rose to 8.2% which is a 5% increase from the weekly data report as of October 5, 2020. Dr. David Grabowski, professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School recently stated, “The strongest predictor of whether or not we’ll see cases in [a particular setting] is community spread.” Unfortunately even with preventive measures followed, an outbreak of the virus occurred in the facility. Mostresidents that tested positive for the virus in our facility in the month of October were asymptomatic and their positivity status became known through the required weekly testing.

Transitions Healthcare North Huntingdon will continue to be diligent in testing residents and employees. As of this statement, many of the residents and employees are asymptomatic and recovering from the virus. As of today, we are happy to report that nine of the residents that were previously infected have resolved all symptoms. We anticipate and hope that 51 of the residents will be resolved of all symptoms as of next week. The facility is following CDC and CMS guidelines in terms of isolation and personal protective equipment to prevent further spread of the virus.

The employees have been working tirelessly to manage the current outbreak of the virus in the facility. We are appreciative of the employees for their hard work and dedication to the residents. We have worked to fill staffing shortages due to ill employees with employment agency personnel and our dedicated and caring Transitions Healthcare North Huntingdon employees who have picked up many extra shifts.

The company is committed to caring for its residents and employees. We will work hard to regain those visitation privileges. Regarding the residents and employees that have tested positive, we wish them well and hope that you will do the same.

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