12/1/2020 – COVID Update – Today, we received COVID test results back for some of our residents and staff.  We had 2 additional staff members and 6 additional residents test positive.  Some are experiencing symptoms primarily of cough, sore throat, general body aches, headache.  We continue to have staff quarantine at home and quarantine residents.  Lab results this week are coming back to us quicker which is very helpful to react quickly and reduce the spread.  We will keep you posted as additional results come in.

11/30/2020 COVID Update – We continue with 3 residents since 11/20 who remain in quarantine on our dedicated Red Zone – COVID unit who have remained without COVID symptoms.  Over the holiday weekend we have received COVID positive results for 4 of our staff members.  All COVID positive staff members are in quarantine at their homes.  Today,  we had 1 additional resident test positive.  We also continue to track community spread and the positivity rate in the community as a tool to help guide our actions to control the spread and keep our residents safe.  I have received calls with the question from family members that if their loved one was positive for COVID, would they be notified.  The answer is, yes – if we receive a positive test result, we call the medical contact for that resident and notify them of the positive result.  Please continue to call me with additional questions that you may have or additional information that I can provide in these updates to help keep you informed better.  Vickie Kilmer 717-334-6249.

11/23/2020 COVID Update – There have been no new cases of staff or residents testing positive for COVID since our last update.  We currently have 3 residents who remain in quarantine on our dedicated Red Zone – COVID unit.  All residents and staff have been tested and we will continue with weekly testing until the facility is clear from COVID for 14 days.  We also continue to track community spread and the positivity rate in the community as a tool to help guide our actions to control the spread and keep our residents safe.

11/20/2020 COVID Update – Today we received results back for residents that were tested on 11/17 as follow-up from our staff member who tested positive earlier in the week.  We have received all but one test result back and have had 3 residents test positive for COVID.  In response to these positive results, we have created a COVID dedicated Red Zone unit to treat these 3 residents and protect other residents from exposure.   The residents who did test positive are without COVID symptoms at this time and no other residents or staff are exhibiting symptoms.  We are currently awaiting staff test results from the testing completed on 11/18 & 11/19.  Testing will continue weekly for residents until we are clear of COVID and staff will continue to be tested weekly at this time.

Please note that all families of our residents can call the VCPI Phone Message of the Day for Covid-19 updates. The phone number for the updated message is 414-368-6578.

11/16/2020 COVID Update – We had 1 staff member test positive for COVID as part of our routine testing.  All residents and staff remain without COVID symptoms.  As a precaution, we are testing residents who potentially came in contact with this staff member and we will also be repeating staff testing this week.  At this time, we will also put all group settings on hold including activities, dining, therapy, and hair dresser until we are clear for 14 days.

11/9/2020 COVID Update – There are currently no positive cases of COVID amongst Residents or Staff.

11/3/2020 COVID Update – The facility continues with no residents or staff with COVID symptoms, however due to the increasing COVID rate in the local community, the facility will be suspending visitation at this time.  We will continue with window visits and virtual visitation.  We appreciate everyone’s continued effort to keep our residents and staff safe, healthy, and COVID free.

11/2/2020 – COVID Update – There are currently no active cases of COVID amongst residents or staff at this time.  Step 3 of the reopening plan continues.

10/26/2020 COVID Update – We currently do not have any residents or staff displaying COVID symptoms and have not had any active cases.  Today, we started our 3rd and final step of our re-opening plan.

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