Oakland Manor was recently featured on a Baltimore Healthy Expo TV segment. Please click below to watch our team discuss the perks of being an Oakland Manor resident.

1/4/2021 – Transitions Healthcare, in conjunction with Walgreen’s Pharmacy and Remedi Pharmacy, started it’s employee and resident vaccination campaign today at Transitions Healthcare North Huntingdon. Transitions Healthcare and facility leadership were amongst the first to get vaccinated to show their support. Thank you to the Walgreens staff for putting on such a well-run and efficient clinic!
All of our Skilled Nursing Facilities have scheduled their clinic dates, and we will be busy in the month of January inoculating our residents and staff to beat back Covid-19 in 2021!
2021010495104623001 300x225 - Transitions Healthcare Offers COVID-19 Vaccinations to Residents and Staff20210108 165910 225x300 - Transitions Healthcare Offers COVID-19 Vaccinations to Residents and Staff

As per today, 3/13/2020, the medical director has placed visitor restriction related to the COVID-19 virus (Corona). This is an intervention to prevent and protect all residents. This is per CDC guidelines for Infection Prevention and control for residents in all nursing homes. You will be informed when the restriction has been lifted. The facility will notify you if any resident is assessed to have major change in status. The visitor will be assessed and restricted to the resident’s room for the visitation. Effective 3/12/2020, no cases of COVID-19 have been assessed in this facility. For any questions, comments or concerns, you can contact the Nursing Home Administrator or Director of Nursing.

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