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COVID-19 Update November 23

11/23/2020 COVID Update – There have been no new cases of staff or residents testing positive for COVID since our last update.  We currently have 3 residents who remain in quarantine on our dedicated Red Zone – COVID unit.  All residents and staff have been tested and we will continue with weekly testing until the […]

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COVID-19 Update November 20

11/20/2020 COVID Update – Today we received results back for residents that were tested on 11/17 as follow-up from our staff member who tested positive earlier in the week.  We have received all but one test result back and have had 3 residents test positive for COVID.  In response to these positive results, we have […]

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COVID-19 Update November 16

11/16/2020 COVID Update – We had 1 staff member test positive for COVID as part of our routine testing.  All residents and staff remain without COVID symptoms.  As a precaution, we are testing residents who potentially came in contact with this staff member and we will also be repeating staff testing this week.  At this […]

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COVID-19 Update November 9

11/9/2020 COVID Update – There are currently no positive cases of COVID amongst Residents or Staff.

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COVID-19 Update November 3

11/3/2020 COVID Update – The facility continues with no residents or staff with COVID symptoms, however due to the increasing COVID rate in the local community, the facility will be suspending visitation at this time.  We will continue with window visits and virtual visitation.  We appreciate everyone’s continued effort to keep our residents and staff […]

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COVID-19 Update November 2

11/2/2020 – COVID Update – There are currently no active cases of COVID amongst residents or staff at this time.  Step 3 of the reopening plan continues.

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COVID-19 Update October 26

10/26/2020 COVID Update – We currently do not have any residents or staff displaying COVID symptoms and have not had any active cases.  Today, we started our 3rd and final step of our re-opening plan.

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COVID-19 Update October 19

10/19/2020 – COVID Update – Testing was completed 10/14 – 10/15.  All test results were negative.  All residents and staff are not displaying COVID symptoms.

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COVID-19 Update October 12

10/12/2020 COVID Update – No new cases of COVID for residents or staff.  10/12/2020 is the first day of Step 2 of our re-opening plan.  As long as we remain COVID free, we will move into Step 3 on 10/26/2020.

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Reopening Process

Please see below for information regarding our reopening plan: RE-OPENING PLAN – TRANSITIONS HEALTHCARE GETTYSBURG   Step 1 – Sept. 28-Oct.11 Step 2 – Oct. 12 – Oct. 25 Step 3 – Oct 26   If at any point there is a positive COVID-19 case that originates within the facility, the re-opening status will halt, […]

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